Messy Definition Work

engagement is personalized, meaningful learning for (mostly) intrinsic reasons–persisting and persevering through challenge and difficulty to develop deep understanding and increased process skills. [if it's not instrinsic, is it compliance instead?]

( I put some thoughts in the discussion area...)

Characteristics of Authentic Engagement with Learning [Going back to Rob's point about "engagement," let's connect engagement w/ its purpose here. What do you think?]

1. Students see their work as personally meaningful.
2. Students feel challenged by the rigor of the work, persisting when tasks are difficult because they deem the tasks worthwhile. [DELETEin difficult tasks because of the tasks’ worth to the students.}
3. Students master content through project-based, inquiry-driven learning with access to multiple types of media, including experts.
4. Students work and learn collaboratively and socially, both online and off.
5. Students evaluate for and select the best tools for their work (and are free to use them) delete words in parentheses--redundant-if they can choose, they are free to use them).
6. Students choose to revise work until it reflects their internal vision of what they learned and how they want to represent it. [Changed "present" to "represent," since work can be authentically engaging w/o being published. Thoughts?]

Characteristics of Authentic Work

1. Student work is published for an authentic audience [outside the classroom Delete] [What do we mean by "authentic audience?" Would "stake-holder" audience better communicate the idea that the audience is invested in the students' work?]
2. Students receive feedback on their work from experts in the discipline before and after publication.
3. Students revise work until it shows mastery of content and follows habits of mind of experts in the discipline [DELETE experts’ guidelines.]
4. Student work benefits their community.

Last update of 7/27/09.